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Bhangra Idols (Reps.) VS. Sheraton Wall Centre

In September of 2008, representatives of Bhangra Idols tried to book rooms at the Sheraton Wall Centre in Vancouver, B.C., but were denied the booking due to their organization having "Bhangra" in their brand name. The Sheraton Wall Centre's director's explanation was that previously their hotel had problems with a group with the same name "Bhangra" in it, and they have a policy that states they cannot accept any groups with the name "Bhangra" in it. So, the Bhangra Idols representative asked for this policy, but was not provided one. Therefore both of the Bhangra Idols' representatives filed a BC Human Rights Case against Sheraton Wall Centre.


The Decision:

The final decision after the incident (on September 16th 2008, and then a long litigation) came in on June 8, 2011, by the BC Human Rights Tribunal Member:

"...having found the complaint justified, I must order the respondent (Sheraton) to "cease the contravention and refrain from committing the same or a similar one", and I so order."

"I may make a declaratory order that the conduct complained of is discrimination contrary to the Code, and I so order"

Bhangra Idols VS. Sheraton Wall Centre Decision


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