About Bhangra Idols

Bhangra Idols was established in September of 2005 in Vancouver, BC, Canada as a dance competition. The organization invited teams consisting of both male and female dancers which came from various professional dance studios, university lead teams, and private entities. These teams strived to compete for the prestigious and much sought for title of Bhangra Idols, they were evaluated by skilled judges on a stringent performance rubric. With each subsequent year, the event has not only attracted a larger pool of contestants, but an equal expanse of avid followers, labeling the competition as an utmost cultural event.

The traditional Bhangra dance form originated from Northern India during the harvest seasons. History reveals that individuals from the state of Punjab organized Bhangra teams to perform at different celebrations and competitions around India. As it gained popularity, this dance form became a trademark of the Punjabis. The trend of Bhangra dance was given by way of these very performers who formed competitive teams and battled out their energy and techniques on stage. As these dancers later migrated to different countries, they ensured that their ancestral legacy of Bhangra dance remained intact by teaching and disseminated this traditional dance form to new students. This form of ‘education’ was imparted in countries such as England, United States, Canada, and Australia; all of which are now also home to Bhangra. Today, Bhangra Idols strives to do exactly that!

The Bhangra Idols dance competition seeks to reflect and highlight the rich culture of the Punjabis through a mixed medium of dance, energy, expressions, enthusiasm and passion. What makes “Idols” truly exceptional is that it gives opportunity to individuals with different backgrounds, whether it be students, doctors, engineers and beyond. This is the uniqueness that the organization brings to the viewers and its participants.

Bhangra Idols is a thriving organization, which has hosted 13 competitions since 2005 and over 140 teams have participated. Since the beginning of Bhangra Idols, the organization has welcomed proud moments such as, the Grammy Award winning musical group 112 announcing on stage the 2008 competition winner and in 2011 representatives of Bhangra Idols successfully won a discrimination decision against Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel in Vancouver, these are only a couple of the many highlights during the 10 year journey.

2015 was truly momentous for Bhangra Idols as it marked the 10 year anniversary which was celebrated from Friday, October 9th to Sunday, October 11th. We had a fun packed weekend and stayed true to our Bhangra colours of life.